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DIRECTORY: With the 80s pop hot 100 distro I had sent out xerox copies of the list pages from the book. Feedback from some of the people in the prior distro indicated they had not received the paper list i.e. someone didn't copy it. For this distro I have scanned the list pages into .JPGs which are in a folder on disk 19. This will cut down on the problem of missing lists and reduce the weight of the set by about 5 ounces (in metric measurements that 125 grams) reducing postage expenses.

SPECIAL THANKS to member Soos who made the XLS list. That took alot of work.

HISTORY OF THIS PROJECT: This project started in 2001 at which time the book shown below was the only directory available. Since that time the 2002 edition has come out which supposedly has several corrections. Hopefully I stumbled onto all these corrections while putting the collection together. I have indicated the corrections in the accompanying scans or list pages. However if anyone notices anything wrong please let me know as soon as possible.

There is a good deal of overlap with the 80s pop hot 100 which was completed last December. I had been working on the rock album project as a side project off and on when the hot 100 project stalled out. Most of the rock album songs were found on Audiogalaxy (Napster was down by this time) but about 120 songs (about 5% of the total) were not shared on Audiogalaxy or "X-ed out".

I was not a member of at the time and couldn't afford to buy 120 albums to complete the rock album project so the project was shelved for the time being. I came back to it after the "Album Search" function was put in at

After running the names of the albums through the album search function at it became apparent that the project could come within about 25 songs of completion by doing snail-mail trades. I proceeded to do those snail-mail trades. SPECIAL THANKS go to members Wildjim, Wavespy, Papaggr, Kaname, Ospread and anyone else I have traded with. Your MP3s are reproduced here on this set and I am grateful for your help.

Next I started buying albums. There were 13 CDs that contained the missing songs and 10 vinyl-only albums. There were 2 songs that I could not find anywhere - "Tunnel Power" by Triumph (supposedly only appeared on the cassette version of the Never Surrender album) and "Drag You Down" by the Cysterz.

I sent an E-mail to Record Research which is the company that wrote the book pictured below. The response was:


We would like you to know that we do have a new and improved edition available, "Rock Tracks 1981-2002", where many corrections have been made.

The song "Drag You Down" by Crysterz does not exist. This is one of our plants we put in the book to prevent people from copying our publications, and everything about the song is made up. We apologize if you have been searching hard and long for this title.

We have found that "Tunnel Power" by Triumph really does not exist on a cassette. Billboard should've never shown this. The song is not listed in our new edition.

*******************END QUOTED MATERIAL********************

So all of a sudden the 2 impossible to find songs are out of the way and the need list is down to 23. The project suddenly looked alot more do-able. I had already bought every CD needed at this point and proceeded to rip them as they arrived. The mail is extrememly slow where I live and there were a few that straggled in late and held up the project. It should have been good-to-go by June 1, 2003 but the snail-mail delays held it up.

I need to give an EXTRA SPECIAL THANK YOU to member inthe80s who did the vinyl ripping. Without his help this project would not have gotten completed. I don't own a turntable and can't get one where I live. Inthe80s did a truely PROFESSIONAL job ripping the 10 vinyl albums needed for this project. I will include the list of songs he ripped below. Please make sure to listen to these as he put alot of work into this and the quality is excellent:

B.E. Taylor Group - Never Hold Back.mp3
Eddie Money - I'm Moving On.mp3
Eddie Schwartz - No Refuge.mp3
Hawks - It's Alright, It's Ok.mp3
Hyts - Backstabber.mp3
Kind - I've Got You.mp3
Roger Daltrey - Martyrs And Madmen.mp3
Silver Condor - For The Sake of Survival.mp3
Tsunami - The Runaround.mp3
Union - Mainstreet USA.mp3

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TRIVIA: There were 2745 songs to chart in the Modern Rock and Album Rock track charts during the 1980s. The reason this is less that the Billboard hot 100 chart for the 80s (which I already distributed last year but can still send out sets) is that the Album Rock chart started in 1981 and the Modern Rock chart started in 1988 and each only goes 50 to 60 deep while the billboard pop chart was a list of 100 top songs.

35 songs entered the chart in 1989 but didn't peak until 1990. They are listed on the list pages with "90" as the year but I have included them anyhow. The book runs from 1981 to 1995 but I have excluded all songs that entered the charts in the 1990s.

I have already sent sets to DJs who hosted radio in the 1980s for them to look over for corrections (misnamed songs, etc) and have not been informed of any corrections. If you find a misnamed song please inform me A.S.A.P. so I can get a correction out.

All songs are Constant Bitrate, mostly 128 and 160 (my favorite bitrates) and some 192. There are no VBRs, CBRs below 128 or above 192 except for the following. If anyone has any of these in CBR 128, 160 or 192 I'd be grateful for them:

Hugh Cornwell - Another Kind Of Love.mp3 CBR 56
Michael McDonald - Bad Times.mp3 4.99 0:04:21 VBR 160
Charlie Daniels Band - Bogged Down In Love With You.mp3 8.34 0:04:33 CBR 256
Joe Vitale - Lady On The Rock.mp3 8.75 0:04:47 CBR 256
Tom Johnston - Madman.mp3 1.63 0:04:03 CBR 56
Joe Walsh - Things.mp3 5.26 0:05:42 VBR 129
Glamour Camp - She Did It.mp3 10.13 0:04:26 CBR 320
Rossington Band - Welcome Me Home.mp3 8.67 0:04:44 CBR 256
Alan Parsons Project - You're Gonna Get Your Fingers Burned.mp3 8.02 0:04:23 CBR 256

Thank you for participating in my distro and please remember to leave a positive feedback "VOTE" at MP3TH.NET and POST in the IN/OUT POST when receiving or sending the set.